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#233 oceansize – the frame

I apologise. I’ve been holding out on you for the longest time about some of the greatest music I’ve heard in my lifetime. I almost feel as if there should be nothing else said about Oceansize, and their seminally beautiful song, “The Frame”, because that would sully the purpose of sharing songs we love. I am not the picture, now I am the frame..brian.

mp3: oceansize – the frame

Oceansize have just recently released their live DVD box set and new EP, Home And Minor. More info at


#21 crystal antlers – parting song for the torn sky

i’ve always had a love-hate affair with prog rock. it’s generally not quite my cup of tea, but i can’t explain why i like bands like dungen so much, and yet just can’t quite appreciate the mars volta. anyhow, it’s with this questionable track record that i picked up crystal antlers‘ new self-released ep from my mailbox bearing much apprehension, which of course was mixed with much curiosity as well considering the rave reviews it’s been receiving all round. i’ve also got to admit my first spin was a rough one, something to the equivalent of a splitting headache. but there’s something excessive about this record that kept me listening more, as neatly summed up in the psychadellically overblown album closer “parting song for the torn sky”. i don’t think i’ve come any much closer to being a prog rock convert after listening to this, though i don’t mind being a fellow traveler for the time being.

mp3: crystal antlers – parting song for the torn sky