galaxie 500 special – naomi wakes up to …

as a fitting finale to our galaxie 500 week, we invite naomi yang to share what she’s been waking up to lately. thanks naomi!

The perfect song to start the day is “A Tonga Da Mironga Do Kabuleté” – the live recording from 1971 by Brazilian artists Vinícius + Bethania + Toquinho. It is like a beautiful sunrise – although I think that the lyrics are actually some sort of political commentary disguised as a Candomble/Afro-Brazilian curse – but whatever! And then you should just leave the CD on, and listen to the rest of the album while you have your coffee. And you will have a great day. – naomi.

mp3: vinícius + bethania + toquinho – a tonga da mironga do kabuletê (live in buenos aires, 1971)

naomi yang was the bassist for galaxie 500. she has since been recording with damon krukowski as damon and naomi, and together they run the record label 20/20/20 and publishing house exact change. naomi is also a visual artist and graphic designer.


3 responses to “galaxie 500 special – naomi wakes up to …

  1. Excellent Galaxie 500 week – thanks a lot for doing that. Perfect ending…

  2. what a great collab :) Great song for half past 6 in the morning with a cup of steaming coffee!

  3. thanks for the kind words!

    andy, i love your fullofwishes site! keep up the great work!

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