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#394 Allo Darlin’ – Some People Say

Another wonderful release from the Slumberland Records roster: The breezy charm and sheer exuberance of Europe, the second album by Allo Darlin’, would be hard to resist for any indie-pop fans. Elizabeth Moss and her band mates have this effortless ability to toss off these spry pop songs filled with everyday reflections on love, friendship and whatnot that are easy for anyone to relate to. The burnished glow of “Some People Say” deftly captures the emotional tussle of being unsure about the start of something; a bittersweet serenade for two stick figures conflicted and hanging on to a desperate conviction that loneliness is art. – Keith.

mp3: Allo Darlin’ – Some People Say

Europe is out on Slumberland Records.


Music Alliance Pact – May 2012 Issue

SINGAPORE: I’m Waking Up To…
Sze KiatOnce In A While
No man is an island, yet one gets the sense that the musical ideas that transpire in Sze Kiat’s mind were born from the stillness of time. There’s an unhurried approach to his songwriting and an intimacy that evokes a strain that could only come from a sort of crying out from some terrifying or forsaken place. Featuring traditional Chinese stringed instruments such as the erhu and the zhongruan, the sparse instrumentation serves as the background to Sze Kiat’s simple yet emotive lyrics. – Brian.

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