b-quartet’s bani haykal wakes up to…

today marks the release of b-quartet’s latest album, conformity has replaced consciousness. joining us as our guest blogger is their vocalist bani haykal, sharing what he’s been waking up to lately …

often enough, it’s the early morning rush which gets me excited about shutting my eyes. and by morning, we’re looking at the 4 a.m. time frame where all you hear is yourself in a foggy blur, thinking if sleep is really all that important because the early few are storming off for work. in all honesty, there is no ipod nor a single earplugging devicetron which i’d attend to. often enough, it’s someone else’s sonic leak i’m getting addressed by. but, i’m listening to Steely Dan’s “Babylon Sisters”. in my head, at least. sanity ‘from the point of no return’, personally. it’s a breath of fresh air. despite its age. everything is beautiful then. – bani haykal.

mp3: steely dan – babylon sisters

conformity has replaced consciousness is released on aging youth records and may be ordered here. don’t miss their album launch this sunday, 11 April, 9.30pm at the esplanade recital studio. tickets available from sistic.


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