#100 waking up with… stuart murdoch

our guest contributor for today is stuart murdoch of belle and sebastian! most of you would know the title of this blog is borrowed rather loosely from the band’s “i’m waking up to us”, one of my favorite songs of theirs, so it’s particularly apt that our 100th post is graced by stuart himself, sharing candidly about his daily routine and its accompanying soundtrack from a good twenty years back:

every day when i leave the house and walk over the iron bridge and up to the glasshouses, i listen to “what for” by james. i have a habit of dropping back 20 years in my thoughts, and having a parallel soundtrack running in my head so that i may be walking in a street in 2008, but my head is in 1988. i don’t know why that is. this is an up and hopeful song of the period from a band i used to care for deeply.

as we slip into the autumn here, i am prepared to let my new song of obsession become “the game” by echo and the bunnymen.

“everybody’s got their own good reason why their favourite season is their favourite season”

mp3: james – what for

mp3: echo and the bunnymen – the game

thanks stuart!


5 responses to “#100 waking up with… stuart murdoch

  1. This is awesome that you got Stuart to share this. Great work!

  2. Tham! this is absolutely bitchin’!

  3. wicked ainnit! more guest contributors in the weeks to come, so keep a look out!

  4. Great minds think alike, Stuart! “What for” and “The Game” are definitely on my tippity top list of best songs ever.
    ~Lila x

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