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Music Alliance Pact – July 2012 Issue

SINGAPORE: I’m Waking Up To…
KiatRiding Past Draco (feat. Klose)
Exciting times are looming in the urban jungle of Singapore as audio-visual super-collective Syndicate turns up the heat, dropping influential honcho Kiat’s new album like an A-bomb of intricate beats and samples that warp you into the inner workings of string theory. Featuring stellar collaborations with artists such as Vandetta, Klose, Digital and Isaac Aiesili, the album – titled The Inner Galaxy – decisively proclaims that electronic music from Singapore has come of age and is a force to be reckoned with. Evolution never happened this fast. – Brian.

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#396 Alexander Tucker – A Dried Seahorse

I haven’t been listening to that much music lately, relatively speaking. The expanded silences have given me room to breathe and dream, but when the music does get playing, the murky spaces within are filled by Alexander Tucker’s Third Mouth, an album that speaks so powerfully and fluidly to my folk-craving heart. Tucker’s streams-of-counsciousness delivery is evocative in his willingness to reach into the personal realm and elevate it with touches of grandeur. Here, we’re lost not in the glorious heights but rather the hypnotic cycles of remembering. In the album’s opening track, Tucker’s childhood memory of his father emerging from their garden shed with a dried seahorse in his palm is told and retold amidst ascending and descending strings and the delicate momentum of a plucked guitar. It’s a song that could keep going on, that finds deep pleasure in layered repetition, that also lets me breathe and dream. – Dan.

mp3: Alexander Tucker – A Dried Seahorse

Third Mouth is out now on Thrill Jockey.