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#233 oceansize – the frame

I apologise. I’ve been holding out on you for the longest time about some of the greatest music I’ve heard in my lifetime. I almost feel as if there should be nothing else said about Oceansize, and their seminally beautiful song, “The Frame”, because that would sully the purpose of sharing songs we love. I am not the picture, now I am the frame..brian.

mp3: oceansize – the frame

Oceansize have just recently released their live DVD box set and new EP, Home And Minor. More info at oceansize.co.uk


#20 elephant9 – i cover the mountain top

mention the rune grammofone label, and you’ll think right away of the bustling experimental music scene in norway. sometimes, that can be an intimidating impression, since experimental must mean serious and difficult right? wrong, especially if it’s elephant9 you’re listening to, the newly formed psych-prog-jazz-rock (feel free to add more labels) band comprising ståle storløkken (supersilent) on keyboards, nikolai eilertsen (the national bank) on bass, and torstein lofthus (shining) on drums. established musicians in their respective bands, the trio sound perfectly comfortable playing with each other, their impeccably tight performance and lively improvisation evident in their energetic debut album dodovoodoo, which was recorded live on analog tape. the second song off that record, “i cover the mountain top” is a sprawling monster of a track, taking its time with a patient build up towards an intense acid-soaked, electric miles davis homage.

mp3: elephant9 – i cover the mountain top