galaxie 500 special – summertime

this is the third part in our feature series this week on galaxie 500. tune in for a surprise guest post tomorrow!

Although Galaxie 500 sound more extroverted by their third album This is Our Music (1990), their lyrics still appear solipsistic. The words on “Summertime” seem to reference Godard’s Breathless, yet the textures of the song conjure up Macondo in 100 Years of Solitude – you could almost smell the dampness of the hot summer air and feel the sweat on your skin. It’s probably the way the song ambles along for the first half before transiting into an instrumental epic, and all the while there seems to be no resolution. The mood is at once relaxed and tense, and it feels like you’re trapped in some eternal time warp… “The heat is just delicious/And you know just what to do.” How cheeky, and just enough to reflect the self-assurance the band had acquired. It’s a pity this would be their last studio effort before they split, but it’s a worthy statement on the shape of things to come. – song ming.

mp3: galaxie 500 – summertime

this is our music will be reissued on vinyl for the first time on march 30 on ba da bing! records and 20-20-20, who are also releasing today and on fire. in addition, cd and digital versions bundled with other rarities are available for online purchase.


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