#256 four tet – sing

i don’t profess to know very much about electronica or dance music, but as a keen observer, i do notice how much seamless transition and progression are prized in the genre. at the same time, i can imagine how boring such pursuits could end up, and that’s probably why i’ve arrived at such an admiration for four tet‘s there is love in you. his first full-length album in five years, there is love in you exudes a restful calm that’s blissfully unconcerned with achieving these objectives; yet, in all its assured elegance, it surpasses all expectations in creating great dance music that surely isn’t just going through the motions. album centerpiece “sing” demonstrates this so wonderfully: although it seems to rely on a typical house beat, the backbone of the track is really a chopped up digital ringtone with seemingly little ambition. the simplicity, though, works like a charm, especially when supported by an ever evolving array of intricate samples that sound absolutely gorgeous at any one time. – dan.

mp3: four tet – sing

there is love in you is now out on domino records.


4 responses to “#256 four tet – sing

  1. Re. ‘the simplicity, though, works like a charm’ – I think you’re right. You describe it wonderfully. This is a fantastic album from the first song to the last, and I’m enjoying it very much.

  2. thanks nigel! i’m enjoying this album very much as well!

  3. i love this album! esp the last track.

  4. Yup, although definitely not my favourite of his works, another treat from Four Tet. As someone who messes around with a lot of sounds on a daily basis – please check out my blog – he always seems to find some of the best.

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