#95 au revoir simone – lark (ruff and jam remix)

what kind of music would you listen to in space? i think i’ll spend most of my intergalactic moments with spiritualized (not as if i’m not listening enough to them here on earth). but if i needed a new space lullaby after one spin too many of ladies and gentlemen we’re floating in space i might possibly consider ruff and jam‘s remix of au revoir simone‘s “lark”. ok, maybe that description’s a little far out (sun sun sun sun…), but this is a track that reaches pretty high for the stars considering the understated setting of lazy vocals against a brooding synth pop horizon. the result is an ever soaring mix that has as much stardust as it has moonlight, a perfect soundtrack to your endless days as you float in space.

mp3: au revoir simone – lark (ruff and jam remix)

au revoir simone’s reverse migration features remixes of their 2007 the bird of the music album by the likes of darkel from air and alexis taylor from hot chip. it’s out on 11 november and will be released on their own label, our secret record company.


2 responses to “#95 au revoir simone – lark (ruff and jam remix)

  1. I could endlessly float with this kind of music. Thanks.

  2. you’re welcome lili: ) i’m still floating

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