#94 the pale corners – steve buscemi

alright, just indulge my swedish obsession for one more post, though i’m sure it’s certainly not the last. the pale corners is a new, yet-unsigned band from stockholm who’ve gotten off to a great first song, the hilariously titled “steve buscemi”* which neatly puts together both dreamy vocals and a lively horn section – not something you hear everyday. the best thing, though, is the tremendous amount of fun these guys are having, which i feel is the one of the most important things about making music. “this is the nicest band i’ve been in”, shares band member christian lilja, “we never tell each other to go to hell, we are more like an amateur table tennis team”. and if we take his word for it, the band has actually spent hours recording a table tennis game and promises to feature the sounds as drums in their next single. i can’t wait already.

mp3: the pale corners – steve buscemi

*if you’re curious, the band’s favorite mr buscemi character is seymour from ghostworld. what’s yours?


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