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#106 waking up with… tracyanne campbell

our guest blogger this friday is tracyanne campbell from camera obscura. the scottish band will be stopping by singapore next week, playing at the esplanade on 29 october. we catch up with tracyanne, who shares a bit on a cover she’s planning to do:

my favourite song at the moment is called ‘one in a million’ by steve miller. it’s really beautiful. his voice is like honey in the sun and it totally melts my heart. the lyrics are quite simple and i guess
corny but it’s a great tune and the production is so good it really doesn’t matter. i wish i’d written it. in fact i’d love to do a cover version of it. i was recently in stockholm visiting my friend victoria (bergsman) from taken by trees and we were singing it in the flat and talked about recording it. watch this space…

mp3: steve miller band – one in a million

thanks tracyanne! looking forward to that cover!