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#395 The Observatory – Killing Time

Been awhile since I posted in here, but life’s just been busy for me lately. Still, one of the little pleasures I get out of each day, is the short walk from my home to the train station whenever I commute to work. Going back to the basic roots of this blog, “Killing Time” was literally the first song that popped into my music player as I switched it on. It was also the first song that made me fall in love with The Observatory when I first laid ears on their debut, Time of Rebirth, eight years ago in 2004.

There’s something whimsical about the way time stretches within the song as singer/keyboardist Vivien Wang achingly croons into your ear … “Killing time, killing time, don’t really know what to do.. Sad is the man who lives by the sea..” – all this while guitar swells and a breezy swing on hi hats trickle along in the background. The static in the air as you listen closely also adds a dimension of a waking dream, another testament to the intricacies toward soundscapes that the band pays dire attention to.

By the time we arrive at the final coda, at the final signpost of any human contact, Vivian offers these words “sad is the man who’s lost his way..” right before a melancholic and surrendered nylon stringed guitar solo, courtesy of Victor Low, takes us over the edge to be consumed by the abyss. – Brian.

mp3: The Observatory – Killing Time


#165 the observatory – waste your life


i was in b’s car last weekend, drifting in and out of sleep to the familiar sounds of singaporean band the obervatory‘s debut album time of rebirth (the band has gone on to two more impressive albums, with a new one in the works this year). it’s an album i’ve listened to through these years, and one with which i’ve formed many memories, in varying degrees of vagueness. i remember buying a copy of the demo from frontman leslie low after one of their gigs. i can’t remember where it was. some time later the song “ask” became the topic of a bet i made with debs, which i won of course. i remember the poh piah treat i got as a result, which was very good. strangely i don’t remember very much about the song “waste your life” in spite of how familiar it sounds, until i awoke to it in b’s car as the ambient intro made way to a haunting lullaby. at that moment, i felt the making of another memory.

mp3: the observatory – waste your life

time of rebirth comes in a lovingly handmade diary. you can order your copy along with the other albums at the observatory store. in related news, leslie low has a new album out called the ground, which is also comes as a beautiful handmade package. do pop by his website, where you can also download a free ep meandering loss.