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#107 the avalanches – gimix

i hope your ears bleed is a blog i’ve stumbled across recently, right in the middle of their october avalanche series. it’s a very well put-together introduction and survey of the avalanches, with generous helpings of their first el producto ep, and choice cuts from their only album to date, the classic since i left you. it’s hard to put down in words what the avalanches are about or sound like, but they do a really good job with this series that should appeal to anyone from the curious to the diehard fan. i’ve been a fan for a while myself, and for me, since i left you is an album i’ll never grow tired of. there’s just so much happening, but at the same time, it’s an impressively coherent collage that’s more than just random patchwork. since i’ll be away til monday (cameron highlands, here i come!), i’ll leave you with a something to tide you through the weekend – the avalanches’ gimix, a whopping 46 minute mix that blends their own tunes with many of their influences (where else would you find dylan, cyndi lauper, morrissey, michael jackson and the beatles all in one mix?). thanks mykel for passing me this years and years ago.

the avalanches – gimix

i’m still waiting for that second album!


#57 cut copy – voices in quartz/ hearts on fire

i wasn’t too impressed with cut copy‘s live set last year at good vibrations, so i was pretty determined not to enjoy their new album in ghost colours released this year on modular records. however, since the mighty avalanches are still taking their time putting the final touches to their long awaited follow-up to since i left you (they’re crazy in the coconut!), i decided, grudgingly, to give label mates cut copy a try, and boy was i glad i did. a guilt-free journey into the depths of 80s dance, the album is as much a tribute to predecessors like new order as it is a progression from them, piecing their various influences together in one seamless party mix. to me, in ghost colours is a timely reminder of the crucial role of transitional tracks, and listening to the surreal anticipation of “voices in quartz” in litford‘s car tonight showed me just how incomplete the sublime “hearts on fire” is without its humble forerunner preparing the way. so here’s both tracks for you, only to be played together of course.

mp3: cut copy – voices in quartz

mp3: cut copy – hearts on fire