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#167 coltrane motion – maya blue


a band’s popular appeal is usually discernible from its singles, but b-sides usually say a bit more about the its depth. for chicago-based duo coltrane motion (nope, no jazz here, i’m afraid), it’s the b-side to their upcoming 7″ single that speaks loudest for the sound the band stands for. in contrast to more well-known contemporaries in the dance rock scene (read: dfa), coltrane motion relies a whole lot more on shoegaze and digs deep to remind us of how dancey noise can be too. with “maya blue”, the band provides a perfect balance of hazy guitars, simple harmonies and a slower beat that still manages to force you out of your seat somehow. with this track, the haze has been let out of the room for the great outdoors, and it’s never felt more refreshing.

mp3: coltrane motion – maya blue

“maya blue” may be found on the reverse side of coltrane motion’s 7″ single the year without a summer, to be released on march 24. pre-order your copy here.


#09 deerhunter – these hands

the release date for deerhunter‘s follow-up album to last year’s commendable cryptograms has finally been announced to be 28 october on kranky and 4ad. bombastically titled microcastle, the album’s tracklisting has been confirmed as well, but interestingly leaves out “these hands”, which was leaked along with others in the album some months back. it’s a pity, though, as i really enjoyed that ambient, shoegaze track which seemed the logical progression from frontman bradford cox’s side project atlas sound. perhaps a loveless, understated beauty like this is best kept under wraps, or at least remain the little secret we share.

mp3: deerhunter – these hands

(edited: ok, my romantic little bubble has been burst. stereogum just pointed out that “these hands” has been renamed “neither of us, uncertainly” in the album. who would have guessed?)