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#368 Nicholas Chim – In The End

I’ve been waking up to some of the most well-crafted songs in a while, all courtesy of singer-songwriter Nicholas Chim.

The entire album entitled Forgiefan flows seamlessly from track to track. The song arrangements are astute enough that one gets the sense of a sculptor carefully and deliberately chiseling at his masterpiece. We’re not talking about cold dead stones, but at statues that come to life when bathed in the right light, and what a light it is! Nicholas’ emotive delivery carefully casts this light as he lays it all out, bare and broken, surrendered to the fates beyond control, just like that last shot of whiskey as the first rays of sunlight fracture through your window.

There’s a song for everyone, but I found myself drawn to one particular song. The first track, “In the End”, lulls you into the tapestry that Nicholas has weaved. Almost a song for the bereavement of love lost, shades of Kings of Convenience and Mark Kozelek in its delivery and its sparse yet deceptively simple guitar work. It’s the point of the blade that balances Nicholas’ entire world and where the most true words are hinged. “I still feel your knife in my heart.” – Brian.

mp3: Nicholas Chim – In The End

Forgiefan can be purchased as a digital download, or a physical CD with wonderful artwork by Kristal Melson. Head on down to the Bandcamp.

You should also check out Nicholas’ music video for his first single, I Want You Again (feat. Aarika Lee) over here.


music alliance pact – november 2010 issue

handpicked by our map anchorman brian koh, the music of nicholas chim gives us a intimate glimpse into the heart and mind of the singaporean songwriter as he battles his inner demons. although his second album forgiefan is due only next year, nicholas has very kindly offered the track “midnight” to all our readers: read on for brian’s feature on it for this issue of the music alliance pact, the monthly initiative brought to you by music bloggers all over the world.

SINGAPORE: I’m Waking Up To…
Nicholas ChimMidnight
Nicholas Chim is a singer-songwriter who walks the thin line between being absolutely self-indulgent and giving every iota of emotion that he conveys through his music. What results is some of the most earnest songs that shine in their simplicity; yet, the complexity of his arrangements and lyrics come forth distilled and pure. Nicholas is in the middle of recording his second album, Forgiefan, but has kindly shared a contemplative, folksy offering from it entitled Midnight. He hopes you enjoy the music as much as he did writing it. – brian.

To download all 34 songs in one file click here

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