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#324 Marc Ribot – The Kid

It had me within the first few chimes of its opening notes. There is something in “The Kid” that speaks to me, the languid phrasing, the strange yet a familiar chord changes. Such care and delicacy in the fingerpicking. It is reassuring and calming. If it were words it would be sagely advice. It makes me want to love.

There are no fireworks here, no intricate fretwork, no distortion. Expression comes in the form of a clean tone and a light touch of reverb and tremolo. When a song has a soul, it is quietly confident, and never sounds like it needs to be heard. And perhaps this is why Ribot’s Silent Movies remains an underrated album. – Song-Ming Ang.

mp3: Marc Ribot – The Kid

Marc Ribot’s Silent Movies is out now on Pi Recordings.