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Snakeweed Sessions #3 – Monster Cat

No prizes for guessing which Singapore band we’ve been most excited by these days. In the wake of their meticulously woven Mannequins EP, Monster Cat‘s Snakeweed Session makes for a most intriguing comparison. While the title track sounds at once edgy and dramatic, the band chooses to let their acoustic rendition roll off a little lighter with melodies blending into each other delightfully. Strangely, it’s their live performance and not their studio recording that calls out their penchant for post-millenia Radiohead balladry.

I’m trying to understand“. These opening words present the band understatedly as a work in progress, in spite of the reality that they’ve clearly come a long way to make it here. “These Hands” works well as a last song precisely because it sums up this tension with such achingly beautiful pangs of longing, that insatiable yearning for more when so much has already been given. The video, like the record, feels just right, even if you wished it lasted a little bit longer. – Dan.

mp3: Monster Cat – These Hands

I’m Waking Up To is a proud supporter of Snakeweed Sessions, which brings our favorite musicians to Snakeweed Studios in Singapore.

Mannequins is up for free download until the end of May. The physical cd package will be released on June 7, with pre-orders available now.


Snakeweed Sessions – Monster Cat

It’s with much excitement that we share something that’s been brewing for a while, which is now seeing the light of day. Snakeweed Sessions is a video project that takes place at, as you’ve guessed it, the legendary Snakeweed Studios in Singapore. For the uninitiated, Snakeweed holds an important place in the annals of local music history. Formed and run by music producer and engineer Leonard Soosay, it has been the setting for many great local albums, featuring some of our more recent favorite bands like B-Quartet and I Am David Sparkle.

I’m Waking Up To is proud to be supporting and collaborating on this project, which gets both local and international bands and artists into Snakeweed Studios for a short live set and interview. The videos will be subsequently shared and broadcast on our partner Singapore music blogs like Power of Pop, We Talk Music and Adventures in Solitude.

For the pilot episode of Snakeweed Sessions, we have chosen up-and-coming Singapore band Monster Cat, who have a debut EP titled Mannequins due for release later this spring. In this clip, the band gives us a sneak preview to that upcoming release with “Underwater”, a breathtaking piece that builds the tension beneath its dreamfolk veneer, restlessly surfacing later with quiet intensity. Watch out for this promising new band, and stay tuned for more Snakeweed Sessions coming your way. – Dan.

mp3: Monster Cat – Underwater (Live at Snakeweed)