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music alliance pact – september 2010 issue

duae is the newly released album by singaporean band lunarin, a follow up to their 2006 debut the chrysalis on aging youth records. the single “zero point red”, which our MAP correspondent brian koh picks for this month’s issue, also features in local filmmaker jason lai’s documentary brother no. 2. check it out!

SINGAPORE: I’m Waking Up To…
LunarinZero Point Red
Lunarin sound bigger than what you would expect for a three-piece band. They’ve played music for almost 15 years together, although they’ve only ventured down the path of a grungier, more progressive metal sound in the last five or so years. The culmination of all this is the brazenly self-recorded and produced Duae, which sees them embracing the path they’ve carved for themselves, with their influences of Tool, A Perfect Circle and Tori Amos firmly etched on their sleeves, like tattoos burned into skin. Lunarin take a familiar sound from the late 90s and with blistering conviction, spit a Molotov of poetic metaphors and bone-crushing riffs, all laced with Linda’s “love ’em or leave ’em” vocals to slow crush your skull with. – brian.

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