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#286 twin sister – phenomenons

Life seems to be always in an unapologetic hurry these days, which has intensified my appreciation for the serene velocity of Twin Sister’s music – guess I will always have a soft spot for dark dreamy pop songs with a slightly rancorous edge. Feelings flow on Color Your Life, their second EP (following 2008’s Vampires with Dreaming Kids) that is similarly suffused with the kind of lugubrious aura that lulls one readily into the songs’ cavity of warmth. “Phenomenons”, the sublime piece of soft-rock fantasy that closes Color Your Life, comes off sounding like the vivid byproducts of infatuation, Andrea Estella’s breathy vocals binding all the intimate exchanges, muffled desires and tentative melancholy echoed throughout the song into a complete sensuous whole. Caring is creepy perhaps, but then again, this could all be only a dream. – keith.

mp3: twin sister – phenomenons

Both Twin Sister EPs are available at twinsistermusic.com.