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#86 the legends – seconds away

at which point does a pop song cease to be pop? in “seconds away”, the legends push the boundaries of that question through their inverted world of noise. while noise-pop as a genre has existed for ages – elevated to cult status with the legend of c86, and perfected with brutal beauty with jamc – “seconds away” dispenses with the formalities of attempting to blend the two antitheses, instead letting both noise and pop collide in almost suicidal fashion. while it provides no answer to our original question, it does remain a credible statement of intent, a hijacking of the basic two minute pop structure with sheets of blissed out noise bearing an unspoken promise that’s only seconds away.

mp3: the legends – seconds away

the “seconds away” single will be released on labrador on november 5. thanks, cloud hop, for the tip.


#46 vivian girls – where do you run to

i don’t think genre is generally very helpful in describing music. it’s never quite fair to pigeonhole any sort of music to one singular label, and perhaps that’s why i’ve been finding it more and more of a chore to categorize my posts. but it was surprisingly apt how brooklyn trio vivian girls listed themselves in their myspace page as punk/shoegaze/surf, where elements of each, while distinct, also bleed into each others’ territories in forming a simple, sweet, harmony-driven ball of fur. you’ll hear just that in “where do you run to”, a track taken off their latest self-titled vinyl-only record which sold out almost as soon as it appeared (i exaggerate, but we can sure expect a cd reissue by in the red this october), where a 60’s surf riff and beat is given a muffled makeover, washed over in a sea of lo-fi harmonies and some saccharine goodness to boot.

mp3: vivian girls – where do you run to

#29 the pains of being pure at heart – everything with you

one of mozart’s most famous works is “seranade no. 13 for strings in g minor”, or more commonly known as “eine kleine nachtmusik” (literally, “a little night music” in german). i’m sure you’ve heard it before. well, some of you have mentioned to me that a lot of the music featured here isn’t exactly music you’d wake up to. that’s true in a way, since i’ve used the blog title a lot more loosely to encompass anything i’ve been listening to lately. it’s also of course a tribute to one of my favorite bands belle and sebastian, who’ve released an ep called i’m waking up to us. anyway, i reckon there’s room to occasionally feature music i’d really wake up to, and i’ve decided to hijack mozart’s title to call this series [eine kleine morgenmusik]. first up is this delightfully fuzzy pop tune by the pains of being pure at heart, a sunny side up with lots of pepper on top.

mp3: the pains of being pure at heart – everything with you

#17 brighter – noah’s ark

my first taste of shoegaze/dreampop and all things in between were from the mixtapes stella (wherever you are) made for me. the first band to appear in one of those (yes, cassette) tapes was brighter, the short-lived darlings of the legendary and equally fleeting sarah records. “noah’s ark”, the second 7″ ep they released on the label in 1990, is a bittersweet affair with the opening twee-tinged strummings preparing the way for keris howard’s wistful vocals, which in turn gets washed over in a sea of swirling colors. now reissued with the other brighter singles on matinée recordings, this song is a perfect lazy afternoon companion to all daydream believers like myself.

mp3: brighter – noah’s ark