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#393 The Jesus and Mary Chain – You Trip Me Up

I woke up from my Mondrian daydream to the unfettered sound of teenage lust/confusion wrapped in sweet screeching distorted guitars. Fuck yes, listening to this mesmerizing shit just brings us way back to when our younger, more impressionable selves first fell irreversibly in love with The Jesus and Mary Chain and their brand of combustible, abrasive yet melodic pop music. Something about their raw, unruly noise that romanticizes rebellion, the sonic equivalent of Bruce Davidson’s 1959 Brooklyn Gang photography project. And when the Reid brothers start to play “You Trip Me Up” or any of the other spindly classics from Psychocandy (1985), I’ll probably celebrate by having a cardiac arrest while the white light/white heat splits the darkened room. – Keith.

mp3: The Jesus and Mary Chain – You Trip Me Up

The Jesus and Mary Chain perform live in Singapore on May 26 at the Esplanade Concert Hall, 7.30pm. More details at 4 Imaginary Boys. And yes, we’ll be there.