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#74 passion pit – sleepyhead

i have a simple way of going through my new music. once there’s a critical mass, i’ll shuffle them on an itunes playlist and just let it roll while i go about doing something else. it’s a natural filtration exercise, with the stronger material surfacing, leaving the residue to sink into obscurity. today, the song that stayed afloat was passion pit‘s “sleepyhead”, taken off the boston-based electro-pop band’s chunk of change ep, released just this week on frenchkiss records. the track is no sleepy affair, instead bursting with flavor and jumping from one idea to the next like a hyperactive child. in a short three minutes, you’ll be taken through an explosive journey of sped-up voices, thumping beats, kaleidoscopic synths and singalong party choruses. it’s a trip that promises much and delivers even more with its mind-boggling breadth and an underlying groove that goes way deep.

mp3: passion pit – sleepyhead


#53 hallelujah the hills – hallelujah the hills

everybody loves self referencing song titles, especially in the charming ways they extend and prolong the myth-making process (“belle and sebastian”, “the story of yo la tengo”), but there’s a refreshing absence of that kind of baggage in hallelujah the hills‘ own self titled track which featured in last year’s collective psychosis begone. the band’s name itself is lifted directly off the bizarre 1963 film by adolfas mekas, shot in vermont which the song mentions as the place everybody gets born and dies in. in that sea of simulacral referencing, the song takes apart that impending narrative, lest any listener even begins to harbor the thought of constructing one, all with the sweeping dismissal: “meta, meta, meta and the novel is dead”. and the song? oh, it’s good raucous fun.

mp3: hallelujah the hills – hallelujah the hills

p.s. the band has just made available their “preparing to qualify” ep for free download.