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albums of 2008 – devotion


beach house – devotion (carpark)

i try my best not to use this word for fear of devaluing it, but mesmerizing must be the best description for beach house‘s sophomore effort. from the opening shuffles of “wedding bell” to the last remaining footsteps of “home again”, there is no end to the moments of enchantment alex scully and victoria legrand have created. it’s a sound that literally rings in your head, disarms you, and wins over your heart, doing so in the simplest ways. listening to this reminds me of another favorite of mine from 2007, caribou‘s andorra, but while the latter employs a similar dreamily layered sound to dazzle and arouse, devotion returns to perhaps its most obvious uses – that of invoking one’s memory and sense of time and place.

mp3: beach house – gila


#01 beach house – heart of chambers

photography by chris fey

i’ve listened to beach house’s devotion for some time now, but it’s always lingered in the background, too polite to even tap me on the shoulder. yesterday, i finally gave the album the attention it deserved, and was promptly rewarded with this gem of a song. i’ll be waking up to the delicate beauty and brutal honesty of this track for a while.

i’d love to be someone you could finally learn to love again.

mp3: beach house – heart of chambers