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Best of 2012: Dan Deacon – America

dan deacon
Under the overwhelming weight of an audacious album title like America, Dan Deacon has found an inexplicable spontaneity in a most exuberantly arranged pop record. The diverse connotations that America conjures is merely a foil for Deacon’s free-ranging creation of a world of density, expansiveness and childlike joy. The pace is blisteringly ADHD, with surprises at each corner flowing comfortably into each other. It’s addictive fun – just don’t read too much into it, and enjoy the ride for what it is. – Dan. mp3: Dan Deacon – Crash Jam

America is out now on Domino.


#301 simon & garfunkel – america

i’m empty and aching and i don’t know why.

was it because sufjan? he began in michigan, but left us alone and for four years we coped in his absence. and then out of the blue, I look up, startled, to find him with me; counting the cars at the new jersey turnpike.

friends drift in and out of one another’s lives. they meet serendipitously along the way, travel together for a spell, and then keep moving. it shouldn’t surprise you. keep telling yourself that.

“america” captures that constant flux and displacement, the profound insights that come unexpectedly, and our attempts at finding faithful travelling companions. and yes, people do come and go. but who knows, your paths may cross again, someday. – b.

they’ve all gone
to look for America

mp3: simon & garfunkel – america