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#321 sex bob-omb – garbage truck

I was watching the movie adaptation of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s graphic novel series, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, where the story can be sort of summarised as “love for an 8-bit generation”. Set in Toronto, Canada, Sex Bob-omb (Stephen ‘The Talent’ Stills, Scott Pilgrim, Kim Pine) are an indie band, and our hero, Scott Pilgrim plays bass guitar for them. I don’t really know what else to say, but like, the comics are cool, the movie is cool, and the songs are cool. Like, this song totally just piqued my ears up like a raccoon, and I was listening to the lyrics, like.. “I’m a garbage truck. Truck, truck, truck!” and the song arrangement is pretty simple, and it just got me remembering of when I started my first band, our first song, and I realised that songs like this, are incredibly special, and some parts of us never really grow up. Figuratively speaking.

Oh, the Sex Bob-omb songs for the movie were written by Beck, and performed by the actors themselves. (Michael Cera, Amanda Pill, Mark Webber) – brian.

mp3: sex bob-omb – garbage truck


#125 zai kuning and koichi shimizu – seed of time


how do you listen to a soundtrack for a film you haven’t seen before? it almost becomes an empty signifier when you begin inventing and imagining contexts, plots and narratives as you please. or you could begin with the album cover art. in zai kuning and koichi shimizu‘s melancholy of a flowering plant – the recorded soundtrack for aditya assarat’s wonderful town – the partnership between zai’s ponderous strings and koichi’s digital ambient treatment almost perfectly mirrors the cover art, which itself presents a peculiar juxtaposition of organic and vector. when i listen to opening track “seed of time”, however, the two blend effortlessly in forming a complete whole, with an evocative motif that repeats itself through the album. here lies a quiet partnership that runs deep.

mp3: zai kuning and koichi shimizu – seed of time

melancholy of a flowering plant is released on so::on dry flower and onistudio. to buy a copy, drop an email to:

#82 seppuku paradigm – your witness

how do you review a soundtrack for a film you’ve never watched before? as a mercury rev fan, i’m pretty used to that since the rev have always had a cinematic approach to their music (who else records on 35mm?), but it’s still hard trying (not) to connect the song to the film’s narrative in a situation such as this. the film in question is pascal laugier’s martyrs, the controversial horrorshow on child abuse premiered at the cannes film festival this year. it was scored by parisian duo willie and alex cortes, (otherwise known as seppuku paradigm) who composed the film’s main theme “your witness”. the song, taken on its own, is cold and pensive, deliberately atmospheric even to the point of emotional disengagement – in other words, “chill”. but when considered in context of its filmic relation, the coldness becomes brutal and the distance unbearable, though in both ways beautifully executed. and if you thought that to be a tad too morbid for your liking, you might not want to know the duo’s name is inspired by the seppuku (or harakiri) suicide of japanese author yukio mishima. enjoy!

mp3: seppuku paradigm – your witness