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#379 Ekra – A ‘Lil Called Strength

I haven’t been this excited in a long while. In fact, I think this is the best thing I’ve heard since 2012 started.

Ekra is an NYC-based husband and wife duo, who make some of the most glorious, noise inspired melodies that reek of certain depravities and sensitivities. All at once, it is a hurtful hiss of lashing snakes backed in a corner, and blissful surrender to the fates that toy with us so.

I’ve been looking for that particular sound, that would drown me in its waves of emotion, asphyxiate me in its splendour, embrace me in its all-encompassing arms, and I think I’ve found it through the magic presented here.

The astounding thing about this music, is that it’s so very primal. There’s a particular minimalism that strikes as an up-yours to what we already know, or a departure to various progressive sounds we’ve heard of late. It’s amazing what this particular rhythm section has chosen to do, in the realm of deconstruction and then reassembling it all over again into a new whole. – Brian.

mp3: Ekra – A ‘Lil Called Strength

Men, the latest release by Ekra can be purchased through their bandcamp, or their website.


#272 crystal castles – baptism

I simply cannot get enough of the Crystal Castles sound. Sometimes, when life is a swirling mess, you try looking for the most complimentary music to go along with your soundtrack, and the vile concoction of Ethan Kath and Alice Glass is the perfect mix to start your day, like two gins every morning.

“Baptism” is exactly what it is, a baptism under fire into the psychotic world of Ethan Kath. His programming on this particular track is a mindbending cacophony of euro trance, minimal tech and house, coupled with the psychosis of Alice Glass’s vocals that grate like it was crushed in your ear. It’s not pretty, I don’t even know what she’s singing about, but it makes sense. And sometimes, that’s all you’re looking for. – brian

mp3: crystal castles – baptism

Crystal Castles will be out physically on May 24 on Fiction Records. In the meantime, you may purchase the digital version of the album on Itunes.

#86 the legends – seconds away

at which point does a pop song cease to be pop? in “seconds away”, the legends push the boundaries of that question through their inverted world of noise. while noise-pop as a genre has existed for ages – elevated to cult status with the legend of c86, and perfected with brutal beauty with jamc – “seconds away” dispenses with the formalities of attempting to blend the two antitheses, instead letting both noise and pop collide in almost suicidal fashion. while it provides no answer to our original question, it does remain a credible statement of intent, a hijacking of the basic two minute pop structure with sheets of blissed out noise bearing an unspoken promise that’s only seconds away.

mp3: the legends – seconds away

the “seconds away” single will be released on labrador on november 5. thanks, cloud hop, for the tip.