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#285 astreal – june 12

I woke up this morning like any other day, a bit hazy, wondering what I was going to do, or what was in store for me. The nice thing about a Saturday without plans, is you can wake up whenever you want, so I walked to my mobile phone to check the time, but it was the date that surprised me more than how late it was.

June 12. What a pleasant surprise! I immediately pulled the song out from my collection, and the nostalgic waves of Astreal’s, Slowdive-inspired dreampop came washing over me. June 12 sets itself up as a pining song about love lost and hopefully found in the future, with a healthy dose of melancholic reverb, delay and Ginette’s signature whispers of fragile hearts. June 12 doesn’t particularly remind me of any particular day, but maybe for others, it’s the day you’ll always remember. – brian

mp3: astreal – june 12


#193 gemma hayes – out of our hands (feat. kevin shields)

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There are some songs, that unfairly get your attention because they name drop prominent guest stars in their sleeve notes. This one being Kevin Shields. Yes, THE Kevin Shields from My Bloody Valentine. I’d never heard of Gemma Hayes prior to noticing “Out Of Our Hands” feature Mr Shields on guitar. But I’m glad I caught wind of this ditty. You instantly notice the guitars, but for some strange ethereal reason, Ms Haye’s melancholy tinged vocals smoke their way as an equally formidable partner to Mr Shield’s neurotic and discordant playing. It’s the perfect recipe to wake up to on a rainy day, and then you realise, it’s out of our hands.. this time. – brian.

mp3: gemma hayes – out of our hands (feat. kevin shields)

For more information about Gemma Hayes, visit her Myspace.

#25 mercury rev – snowflake in a hot world

another band with an upcoming release this september is mercury rev with their new album snowflake midnight. although i started listening to them at the surprisingly sweet deserter’s songs, what i really like is their earlier work which was full-on noise and melody in unequal parts (in which way i cannot say – they were delightfully unpredictable that way). sadly, i haven’t enjoyed their later releases as much, especially the frustratingly new-agey secret migration. that’s why my only lament for their otherwise perfect concert at the esplanade last year was probably the absence of all pre-deserter’s material. what made up for it was the introduction of two new songs, one of which was “snowflake in a hot world”. now featuring as the new album opener, this curious melding of old school psych-fairy tale with out-of-place electronic beats is blowing both hot and cold for me, but i’ve come to accept that as a necessary part of mercury rev. i’ll tell you some time later which way this one finally goes. or perhaps tonite it’ll show.

mp3: mercury rev – snowflake in a hot world

#17 brighter – noah’s ark

my first taste of shoegaze/dreampop and all things in between were from the mixtapes stella (wherever you are) made for me. the first band to appear in one of those (yes, cassette) tapes was brighter, the short-lived darlings of the legendary and equally fleeting sarah records. “noah’s ark”, the second 7″ ep they released on the label in 1990, is a bittersweet affair with the opening twee-tinged strummings preparing the way for keris howard’s wistful vocals, which in turn gets washed over in a sea of swirling colors. now reissued with the other brighter singles on matinée recordings, this song is a perfect lazy afternoon companion to all daydream believers like myself.

mp3: brighter – noah’s ark

#01 beach house – heart of chambers

photography by chris fey

i’ve listened to beach house’s devotion for some time now, but it’s always lingered in the background, too polite to even tap me on the shoulder. yesterday, i finally gave the album the attention it deserved, and was promptly rewarded with this gem of a song. i’ll be waking up to the delicate beauty and brutal honesty of this track for a while.

i’d love to be someone you could finally learn to love again.

mp3: beach house – heart of chambers