photography: pla

what tune do you wake up to?

this is a simple platform for us to share and write about songs we’ve been listening to lately.

note: the mp3s uploaded here are for personal sampling purposes only. please support the artistes by buying their music if you enjoy them like i do (if you can’t get your hands on a copy, please email me and i’ll give you some suggestions).

if you’re the artiste or representative label and wish for me to remove the link, please email me as well, and i’ll gladly remove it with no questions asked.

please direct all questions and submissions to: theskinnyfists@yahoo.com.sg


14 responses to “about

  1. Morgan C. Hoax! New blog?

  2. ah yes! come back for more goodies: )

  3. Great that ya keeping this up!!!!

  4. hey ratty boy! great you’ve been snapping lots! really need to catch up soon ya

  5. Please just say artist, artiste is so colloquially odd and out of place in general world English usage. Besides that, nice site, even if most of the opinions have been repeated 20 times over on the so called hipsterindie music blogosphere.

  6. aha which reminds me it’s time to update this page. hope there’s something new at least you’ll find here. it’s there, somewhere: )

  7. I’m enjoying the blog :)

  8. glad you like it! hope you keep visiting and do spread the word.

    would always love to hear your comments on the songs too: )

  9. I love your site. Keep it up !

  10. woww daniel this is quite a cool blog!

  11. hey dwang thanks for dropping by!!!

  12. this site’s really helpful! thanks for sharing~

  13. marvellous blog, keep up the good work and keep writing from the heart :)

  14. I can’t believe I only started reading this now :) You guys write frightfully well! Oh, and I think I know you, Brian. Haha.

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