#392 Ital – First Wave

Are you supposed to dance to this? The underlying house beat and disco vibe seem to suggest so, but there are enough twists and turns and other various disruptions here to stop you in your tracks. From radical pitch changes to relentless deconstructive sampling, Ital’s Daniel Martin-McCormick appears bent on both hosting the party and ruining it, in the process digging up the question of whether electronic music is meant for the dancefloor or bedroom. The answer in “First Wave” is probably neither, since the tried formulas of said genres are borrowed but neither replicated nor fully taken apart. Instead they are fascinatingly reappropriated, with the repetitive structures of house music channeled towards sonic exploration within a most meditative, hypnotic framework; in other words, perfect for both study and play. – Dan.

mp3: Ital – First Wave

Ital’s Hive Mind is out now on Planet Mu.


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