#390 The Offset: Spectacles – Can’t Quit Your PR Face

Who needs a drummer when the rest of your rhythm section works as hard as this, chugging and grinding along just like Sister Ray says? In what makes for a pounding, primal experience, the psych-garage sludge of Beijing-based Hong Kong band The Offset: Spectacles (憬觀:像同叠) is a natural articulation of their Debordian situationism, where music is stripped of how it should look or sound in favour of how it actually feels. And that feeling cuts brutally through the noise, stabbing and stomping hypnotically to their scathing critique of the city. Thrilling, addictive stuff. – Dan.

“Can’t Quit Your PR Face” is taken from the band’s eponymous debut EP, released on Rose Mansion Analog. They have a new, also self-titled, LP out on the same label. Our friends Ujikaji Records are distributing it and taking pre-orders from now till 31 March at a special price of SGD28.


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