#389 Eric Chenaux – Amazing Backgrounds

As with Colin Stetson’s Judges last year and Thee Silver Mt. Zion’s Kollaps Tradixionales the year before, Constellation Records seems bent on beginning each year on a seemingly unmatchable high, this year with the release of Eric Chenaux’s Guitar and Voice. The title captures the simplicity of Chenaux’s approach but reveals little of the depth of his music. That underwhelming surprise is captured in “Amazing Backgrounds”, a deceptively placid piece that, considering Chenaux’s sweet textured vocals and gently caressing guitar, would surely have fit as a concluding lullaby for most other albums. Yet, it is daringly placed right at the beginning, setting the tone for the rest of the record’s willingness to immerse, meander and sustain, convincing me it’s just another place I won’t mind wasting away. – Dan.

mp3: Eric Chenaux – Amazing Backgrounds

Guitar and Voice is out now on Constellation Records.


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