#388 Spiritualized – Hey Jane

“Hey Jane” is Spiritualized’s “Jenny Ondioline”, if you know what I mean, and in fact it’s probably the closest Jason Pierce has floated to the hynoptic pop universe of Stereolab. Everything else, from the wretched storyline to the obscenely excessive choral and orchestral arrangements, is Spiritualized through and through, brutally stirring the coldest soul whilst wallowing gloriously in its own vomit. The video for the track enacts upon itself a similar kind of violence – you’re convinced the ending isn’t going to be good but while everything unfolds you can’t help but stay gripped and, quite perversely, enjoy how it all fits so perfectly together even with the knowledge that the guilt that follows isn’t far behind. – Dan.

“Hey Jane” is the first single off Spiritualized’s new album Sweet Heart Sweet Light. Both will be released April 16 on Double Six Records.


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