Laneway Singapore 2012 – The Horrors

Photo courtesy of Chugg Entertainment

And what costume shall the poor boy wear? Lest we forget, it’s every effeminate mod’s fantasy to play in a guitar group such as The Horrors — I believe Vince Noir of The Mighty Boosh can attest to that, skinny legs policy notwithstanding. In their jaundiced gloom and unhealthy obsession with the ghosts of post-punk past, there’s no other outfit in this year’s Laneway lineup that quite share similar sensibilities with The Horrors. Not that it fucking mattered. Summoning energy and strange currencies from the darkest recesses, the band proceeded to whip a raucous storm that matches the cagey, crepuscular tone of their records. “Scarlet Fields” picks up on lead singer Faris Badwan’s bummed-out romanticism that always makes for compelling listening. Onstage, the song’s torrents of synth-plus-guitar contortion are rendered with dreamy gusto, a sense of conviction that their path to glory is indeed one paved with dark silhouettes. Collapse into dream, collapse into dream. – Keith.

mp3: The Horrors – Scarlet Fields

The Horrors is part of the roster of recording artistes on XL Recordings.

And it’s a wrap! We’ve had lots of fun putting this together, and can’t wait to see you at Laneway 2013! Thanks again to Heineken and Allan from Iris Worldwide in Singapore.


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