Laneway Singapore 2012 – Feist

Photo courtesy of Chugg Entertainment

While those familiar with Feist’s live show antics and visual spectacles from The Reminder tour may have been hoping for a sampling of it at Laneway 2012, her more minimal performance was still nothing short of amazing. On tow for her debut performance in Singapore was a tight six-member band providing just the right amount of bedding for Feist’s enamoring voice to lie in.

With half of the setlist being from new release Metals, the crowd received a good mix of old and new tunes, with old tunes going as far back as “Mushaboom”, a gem rearranged into a wonderfully minor-ish and more brooding rendition. “How Come You Never Go There”, a track from Metals, very quickly reminded listeners that her sound was still similar, albeit simpler. Cheekily suggesting it was crazy to do “So Sorry”, a “delicate flower of a song”, in such a festival setting, she went for it anyway and delivered perfectly. The set continued to undulate with “Comfort Me” and “Graveyard”, woven nicely into set-closers, “ I Feel It All” and “Sealion”, creating a sonic journey of emotions that left you smiling at the end.

In all, an appetite-whetting tidbit of a show that leaves one with bated breath for the much needed return of Feist to Singapore. – Adrian.

mp3: Feist – Mushaboom

Adrian Yuen is a Producer / Composer based in Singapore who enjoys superlatives.


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