Laneway Singapore 2012 – Toro Y Moi

Photo courtesy of Chugg Entertainment

I was wondering if Toro Y Moi was going to fit in with the rest of the festival line-up, seeing how festivals tend to be guitar driven affairs. However, I was really itching to check out how Chaz Bundick and band were going to pull off their live show and introduce their much hyped “Chillwave” sound to Singaporean music-goers, or even to let my own ears believe it was more than just hype.

Well, I’m positively thrilled to report that all my preconceived notions were unfounded. Toro Y Moi held their own, and then some, confidence brimming with every distinct groove and just the right touch of euphoria on those warm synthesiser swells. ‘Chillwave’ was just a word that writers use to embellish Bundick’s tasteful songwriting, but you could feel it in the air that night, the warmth as psychedelic tones and lights washed over you, as you basked in its glow, swaying to the haze of alcohol and moving bodies.

Toro Y Moi gets my vote for a new breed of producers that offers warm soul and groove with the treble rolled just slightly back, and I’m definitely looking out for his next record dropping in the first half of this year. – Brian.

mp3: Toro Y Moi – Go With You

Toro Y Moi‘s music can be bought at his blog. His latest album, Old Joel, is scheduled for an April 2012 release.

Thanks again to Heineken and Allan from Iris Worldwide in Singapore for letting us enjoy Laneway 2012, and not needing to queue for beers!


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