Laneway Singapore 2012 – Yuck

Photo courtesy of Chugg Entertainment

Photo courtesy of Chugg Entertainment

Tryin’ to make it through the wall!” was the rallying cry of Daniel Blumberg and Max Bloom of Yuck as they gamely tore through the scorching Singaporean heat. The band, carrying a heavy baggage of noise-driven slacker rock, ensured that their wall of sound was no barrier to a tightly performed set. The favorites were clearly teenage riots like “Operation” and of course “The Wall”, although the sweetest moments like “Shook Down” and “Suicide Policeman” reminded the festival crowd that the band was as much Teenage Fanclub as it was Dinosaur Jr.

Personally, I was most anxious for Yuck’s set to soar, eager for the festival to have its fair share of noise and shoegaze especially in light of WU LYF’s unfortunate withdrawal. Set-closer “Rubber” dispelled all doubt if there ever was, with its slow-burning, emotionally-draining pace that stretched out into a cathartic finale. Make it through the wall, they did, as even Christopher Owens of Girls would soon cheekily tribute. But more of that tomorrow. – Dan.

mp3: Yuck – Rubber

Thanks Allan from Heineken for making this possible. Yuck’s self-titled debut album is out now on Fat Possum.


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