#375 Justin Bieber – Baby

“Baby baby baby ohhh like, baby baby baby nooo like, baby baby baby…” Great pop songs have great hooks, and this is why Justin Bieber’s “Baby” is one. In terms of great pop songs called “Baby”, it’s right up there with Os Mutantes, who gave us their very own in 1968. And if the chorus isn’t catchy enough, check out Ludacris’ backup vocals. “Yo, uh huh. Yo, uh huh.” Yo, you know what I mean, dawg. Two great hooks for the price of none, right here on Youtube. Uh huh. – Song-Ming.

mp3: Justin Bieber – Baby (Live on David Letterman)

Song-Ming Ang makes art about music, and recently received the Young Artist Award in Singapore. Congrats Song-Ming!


One response to “#375 Justin Bieber – Baby

  1. Oh i think it is about time that Justin Bieber gets blogged about seriously… nah.. maybe we’re still not ready for that kind of stuff. Too bad-ass.

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