#373 B-Quartet – We Vacate

Of course I’m sad that it’s going to be B-Quartet‘s last gig this coming Tuesday, as they vacate the niche they’ve comfortably carved for themselves at the intersections, on one hand, between post-apocalyptic poetry and (most recently) the philosophy of Theodore Adorno, and on the other, across an astounding diversity of musical genres. With only two albums and an EP released in over a decade, their’s may seem a less than-prolific career and the impending infinite hiatus coming a tad too soon. But the upcoming Lasalle gig, together with White Shoes and the Couples Company from Indonesia and SayCet from France, sounds less like a farewell and more a homecoming shared with new friends. There’s a time for everything, and I’m looking forward to this one. – Dan.

We’re going home, we’re going home.

mp3: B-Quartet – We Vacate

B-Quartet’s last gig is, coincidentally, the first by organisers Figure8. The concert takes place on 8 November (Tuesday), 7pm, at Lasalle College of Arts Main Theatre in Singapore. Please visit the official site for more details.


One response to “#373 B-Quartet – We Vacate

  1. SayCet sound pretty exciting as well!

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