#369 The Kinks – Sitting by the Riverside

A late afternoon conversation led us to the Kinks, which was a good enough excuse to relisten my beloved Village Green Preservation Society album. I remember buying a copy after reading a Kinks feature in BigO, which championed the band’s pioneering move in recording a concept album in the 1960s around their obsessive pining for the old English countryside. It was refreshing listening to the album again after all this while (itself a nostalgic exercise), and of course picking out new favorite moments (previously, the cheeky opening note on “Picture Book” or that infectious backing chorus on “Starstruck”). This time round, it was the charming “Sitting by the Riverside”. I had always loved its idyllic character, but today I was really taken by its spiralling detours which hijacked the song at all the right moments but also knew when to let go to restore some semblances of normalcy to an otherwise schizophrenic existence. Lovely. – Dan.

mp3: The Kinks – Sitting By The Riverside


One response to “#369 The Kinks – Sitting by the Riverside

  1. Just got the cd and am loving it.

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