#367 Sun Ra – Door to the Cosmos

Why Moby never sampled this track will always remain a mystery. Sun Ra’s “Door to the Cosmos”, the centerpiece of his 1979 album Sleeping Beauty, provides that perfect entry point to Motor City Drum Ensemble’s DJ Kicks mix, an effortless blend of jazz, soul, afro-beat and various shades of Danilo Plessow’s signature deep house. The track, with its soulful gospel intro and the rest of its casual free-jazz, sounds like one of Sun Ra’s more laid back efforts even whilst remaining entrancing as ever. That too mirrors the mix as a whole which works precisely because Plessow never tries too hard to make things work together – he just knows they would. – Dan.

mp3: Sun Ra – Door To The Cosmos

DJ Kicks by Motor City Drum Ensemble is out now on !k7.


4 responses to “#367 Sun Ra – Door to the Cosmos

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  2. Being born tons of decades past his time. I hadn’t really decided on whether or not I liked Sun Ra. I had forgotten about him until I stumbled upon this post. I re-listened and was amazed. So thank you! :)

  3. Despite hearing so much about Sun Ra, this was in fact my first taste of his music, and what an introduction it was. Glad you liked it too!

  4. I got to personally meet jhon sinclair(several times!) who used to set up gigs for the arkestra he also put ra and the crew up in ann arbor for a few performances back in the 60’s and 70’s he wrote a book on sonny and actually named his daughter after him. sun ra was a incredibly talented man he was born in 1914 and died 1993 so he really saw it all in reference to the music

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