#363 Peaking Lights – Amazing and Wonderful

It defeats the purpose to be describing music made purely to be experienced, but what then is left to be said? In the world of husband and wife duo Peaking Lights and their album 936, the medium of dub transcends its function as form or genre. In a loose Mcluhanesque sense, it has become the message itself, operating as an undisguised narcotic somewhat like an extension of our bodily senses. This strategy isn’t new, having been pushed to its limits by the likes of Spiritualized, for which music-on-drugs blends effortlessly with music-as-drug. Their sound itself isn’t exactly novel either, drawing as much from the legacy of Stereolab and Broadcast as from contemporaries like Panda Bear and Ariel Pink. But what shines through is the single-mindedness of 936 to remain exactly what it set out to be, an elegantly outstretched loop held together magically without the slightest care in the world. – Dan.

mp3: Peaking Lights – Amazing and Wonderful

936 is out now on Not Not Fun.


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