#360 TV on the Radio – No Future Shock

Reading from afar on the recent London riots, I’m struck by how Johnny Rotten’s “no future for you” still rings true more than 30 years on, hanging ominously over the aftermath at Tottenham. It gave shuddering perspective to what I’ve been listening to lately – Nine Types of Light by TV on the Radio. While the band has steered their fourth album in the direction of lushly padded funk rock, the underlying tensions that have come to so characterize their music remains as disconcerting as ever. “No Future Shock” casts this grim context under an ironic disco light, painting a picture of social dysfunction, growing paranoia and everything that “just doesn’t seem right” whilst goading its listeners to dance it all away, to “do the no future“. It isn’t as biting as the Pistols, but it sure sounds a lot more cynical in unsettling times as these. – Dan.

mp3: TV on the Radio – No Future Shock

Nine Types of Light is out now on Interscope.


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