#354 Seapony – I Never Would

I’ve just finished reading 03, Jean-Christophe Valtat’s novella about a precocious high school student’s coming of age in the eighties, in one torrid sitting on a Sunday morning (with The Cure, Joy Division and The Smiths as super-emo background noise). Sublimely written in one single unbroken eighty-page paragraph, 03 wallows unabashedly in the inflated romantic confusion of a teenager in love — in this case, a lonely boy’s feelings for a mentally handicapped girl he encounters every day in the French suburbs — and yet there is an aching sensibility to Valtat’s prose that would resonate strongly with anyone who has experienced similar growth pangs. Nostalgia is a pretty strange business, and (in the same manner as what I have done with Valtat’s book) there is this same rush of adolescent immediacy to Seapony’s “I Never Would” that I am starting to identify with: that vintage jangly C86 influence, the shimmering pop melodies, the wistfulness in singer Jen Weidl’s vocals that suggests something more than superficial sadness. – Keith.

mp3: Seapony – I Never Would

Order Seapony’s debut album Go With Me on Hardly Art.


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