#347 Yellow Fang – หมึก ใหม่ ปิ๊กโก้

We were really excited when we found out that Yellow Fang was playing the night we arrived in Bangkok. By the time we checked into our accomodation and figured our way to Stu-Fe – the studio cafe opened by the Monotone group of artists and musicians – the Yellow Fang set had already ended. Of course we still had an awesome time, with Ball Jarulove and his rotating ensemble of friends (which included Yellow Fang’s Pimporn Metchanun) delivering a spontaneous and immensely enjoyable performance, never mind we were totally clueless about the Thai banter in between songs.

We were still determined to hunt down the Yellow Fang EP, but were disappointed once again to find that it’s been sold out. Nonetheless, we still made off with quite a harvest from the trusty DJ Siam (smaller shop space now no?), records that I’ll feature here in time to come. In the meantime, though, I’ll share with you our single consolation from the latest Smallroom Records compilation CD: Yellow Fang’s newly recorded and mastered หมึก ใหม่ ปิ๊กโก้ (something about picking a new elegant ink?), a Stereolab-meets-PJ Harvey track that parties all the way in the most fashionable new-wave chic. – Dan.

mp3: Yellow Fang – หมึก ใหม่ ปิ๊ก โก้

Yellow Fang and many other fabulous Thai indie bands are featured on Smallroom 007: Boutique, a new compilation by Smallroom Records.


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