Snakeweed Sessions #2 – Inch Chua

It’s hard not to love Inch Chua. In this second installment of Snakeweed Sessions, the Singaporean musician shares most candidly and personally the stories behind her songs. She sounds a little embarrassed recounting how “Have It Your Way” had to do with her not being able to get her motorbike license. And in her introduction to “Hurt”, you can’t help but share in the bittersweet resignation lying behind the strong front she puts up when she talks about losing her best friend.

Still, her music speaks the loudest simply because of how it emanates from her. When Inch dives into her music, she is utterly absorbed, something you hear in her album Wallflower, and which you can’t miss seeing in these videos. I particularly like how she uses the piano keys as a dampening force, a mellow counterpart to the sharpness of her vocals, adding a steady momentum and dose of gravity to the highs and lows of her lyrics. The guitars, on the other hand, sound simply like an extension of her, generously allowing her voice to breathe, for the stories to be told again and again. – Dan.

mp3: Inch Chua – Have It Your Way

I’m Waking Up To is a proud supporter of Snakeweed Sessions, which brings our favorite musicians to Snakeweed Studios in Singapore. Wallflower is out on Aging Youth Records, and is available pay-as-you-wish on Inch’s Bandcamp.


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