#343 Bobsy – The End of April

i was headed nowhere in particular, adrift on my own internal sea
when suddenly arrested and anchored by strains of the softest music
as i pass a door left slightly ajar
i stand at the door, not daring to look
i’m not supposed to be here
but there they must be, hunched over a tape recorder
unmistakably familiar and distant
like memories of yourself when you were thirteen (thirteen years ago)
where have they gone?
– b.

mp3: Bobsy – The End Of April

Bobsy is Singapore’s best kept secret. The End of April 7″ was released on Drive-In Records and Moonscreen Records. More recently, it was featured in the Brilliant Sight of Sounds compilation by SEA Indie.


3 responses to “#343 Bobsy – The End of April

  1. I really like it. Perhaps they ARE Singapore’s best-kept secret.

  2. Is this taken from SEA INDIE compilation?

    • I can’t remember, but I believe so! I should put up a link for the compilation – it’s such a well put together one: ) Is it still available for download?

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