#342 Panda Bear – Last Night on the Jetty

Getting deeper into the new Panda Bear album, I can’t help but be reminded of Jean-Luc Godard’s response when asked to explain why his 1965 film Pierrot le fou featured a copious amount of blood — the cavalier French filmmaker replied that “it’s not blood, it’s red”. A dense and lustrous sonic spree that builds on and yet departs from the kaleidoscopic pop of his third album Person Pitch (2007), Noah Lennox’s new songs have the tendency to slip into streams of wild abstracted beauty that make for some of the most illuminating moments on Tomboy. Take “Last Night At The Jetty”, a daytripper’s threnody seemingly executed in slow motion, its vistas of sound and undersea melodies lined together in hallucinatory dreamtime. – Keith.

mp3: Panda Bear – Last Night At The Jetty

Panda Bear’s Tomboy is available on Paw Tracks.


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