#339 Bill Orcutt – My Reckless Parts

Guitar instrumental music isn’t supposed to sound like this, so leave your romantic notions at the door before stepping into the world of Bill Orcutt, reissued in its shockingly raw entirety in a compilation titled A New Way to Pay Old Debts. Armed with nothing but his downtuned four-stringed vintage acoustic Kay guitar and DeArmond pickup, Orcutt’s repertoire is emotionally intense, a picture of the artist completely absorbed in his craft, capturing through the most limiting yet familiar of instruments the myriad ideas that must be firing from his brain at any one time. “My Reckless Parts” exemplifies this in most frightening terms, with Orcutt’s yells punctuating the start-stop madness of his hardcore blues, delivered with nothing but wild abandon. You’ll probably never hear anything else like this again. – Dan.

mp3: Bill Orcutt – My Reckeless Parts

A New Way to Pay Old Debts is out now on Editions Mego.


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