#335 Furniture – False Start

The opening two songs of Furniture‘s long-awaited sophomore album They Made Me Out of Dreams You Forgotten seem intent on presenting two very different sides of the Malaysian band. While “Once Set in Stone” opens the album as a fairy tale, sweet and at times whimsical, “Entrails” turns, turns, turns things around, providing a stubborn antithesis with its harsher edges and dischordant experimentation with yes, the lovely squall of those horns.

Even so, these two seemingly divergent paths aren’t as well defined as they would appear. Fairy tales end on a bittersweet note with the resolution to “leave the ever-afters behind”. And whilst “digging for something real”, the band really does seem to find what they’re looking for amidst the chaos. Surprisingly, perhaps in line with the album’s greater clarity of production and vision compared to the band’s hazier shoegaze debut Twilight Chases the Sun (2005), these opposing trajectories are resolved rather early by track three.

Misleadingly titled “False Start”, this is in fact where Furniture really takes off. The intro reins in the once wayward horns into a willing collusion, setting a blistering pace despite the opening admission of age and cynicism spent. This is also where the band’s indiepop inclinations, channeled through the Labrador-school vocals of Ronnie Khoo, is bolstered by a tight, rocking, and magically paced rhythm section. It’s a song that rewards you for staying the course with a rousing finale that turns out to be the opening fanfare for the rest of a thoroughly enjoyable album. – Dan.

mp3: Furniture – False Start

They Made Me Out of Dreams You Forgotten is available from Furniture’s Bandcamp Page.


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